October Newletter

Lunch to Go – Daily 12 pm- 2 pm for $9.99

We introduced a lunch to go promotion and customers like it. We are now extending it. Each day that we are open customers can come in between 12 pm and 2 pm, pick any 3 items that are offered and serve themselves or ask to be served. The cost is $9.99. For the month of October customers also get a free organic medium coffee from the variety we have (Ethiopian, Sumatran, Mexican, Colombian and more). We always change lunch items, so there is always something different for customers to try.


Goat stew – New on the menu

Customers asked us to add goat to our menu and we introduced it this month. Now we have goat stew with rice, goat stew with chapati and goat pilau. Some customers have tried these items elsewhere before and are excited to taste what we offer. If you are new to goat on your menu, it is loaded with health benefits. This month we provided some information about the health benefits of goat. If you did not get our information, the benefits include the following summary from an article we found:

  • It is lean and considered a healthy option
  • Good source of protein
  • Lower fat content
  • Lower cholesterol compared to other meats
  • Rich in iron
  • Low in sodium and
  • High in potassium

Do You Eat Meat? https://www.pvamu.edu/cahs/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/goatmeat_approved.pdf







Dine in – Call to reserve

Following Provincial changes to dining in restaurants, we are now open for customers to dine in. All customers must follow the current regulations. We encourage you to call and book a table as we have limited seating.


Birthdays/ office parties/ family gatherings etc.

If you are planning a birthday, office party or family party, consider ordering from us. We prefer that you contact us in advance especially if you are planning for a large group. We will work with you to make it happen.

Dunk the chapati or Mandazi

This month we shared a link about dunking titled “Are you a dunker”? The response was very positive, and many dunkers came and shared dunking stories with us. We also got many customers who became dunkers. Clearly it is a common thing to do with food! Here is the link.

singhpk. (2018). Seinfeld , Joe DiMaggio in Dunkin Donut [YouTube Video]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vSLE8Likc4

Beans and rice coming soon to our menu:

  • We will keep you updated about this one and we think it will be another hit!

Lentil soup promotion

Customers are continuing to discover lentil soup. We like soup in cold weather and this one is a healthy option that you can easily include in your diet. Our lentil soup promotion of buy one and get one free is still on until the end of the month when you order with Uber Eats.

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We wish you well. Until next time…From Anna’s Soul Food Kitchen.