Do you eat peanuts? If so how?

by Pius Mukose

Do you eat peanuts? If so, how?

Here are some ways we know:

  • Roasted in an open fire and enjoyed with a drink or alone
  • Boiled right after being uprooted and eaten alone or with drinks
  • Pan roasted and eaten with tea, coffee, juice or alone
  • Motor pounded and cooked with green bananas and sweet potatoes
  • As a spread on bread or cassava etc.
  • Eaten raw after being picked
  • Sun dried for a day before eating
  • Cooked with different dishes such as chicken, beef, fish, and green vegetables
  • Added to smoothies

However, you enjoy peanuts, peanut butter chicken stew is a popular dish at Anna’s Soul Food Kitchen and this nut has many health benefits. Here is an article that explores the benefits: Is peanut good for you? (Leonard, 2018)

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